About Us

Our Vision: To provide premium support in helping our students become tomorrow's doctors. 

Our Aim: Deliver a programme that (as much as possible) guarantees success for every student. 

What makes us different?
1. Accountable: we take responsibility for students accepted onto the programme. Not only do we take your future seriously, but we have an amazing success rate, that we need to maintain. We don't just give you a programme and leave you to it. We keep tabs on you to ensure you're progressing through our proven process at the rate you need to succeed.

2. Structured programme over the entire journey: our proven process has been tweaked over >10 years to ensure students cover the key areas of the application. There is a clear path, with set milestones to ensure you submit a complete and well-rounded application. 

3. Individualised plan: within the structure, we create space for bespoke individual attention. This balance of a solid teaching structure accompanied by a tailored personal coaching plan ensures that your needs are always met. Our teaching is pastoral & specialised to your application type. 

Official Information 

Company Name: Outstanding Courses Ltd 

Place of Registration: England

Office and Postal Address: 124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

Registered Number: 12089463

VAT Number: 438688049

Email Address: [email protected]


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